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Reggae Stops at 30

This will be short; like a male virgin's first sex.Even among boys there are those who will call themselves men, those ones who say 'I've been eating this thing since I was seven bwana' Kalongolongo and stuff. And the virgin boy would chip in and say "Nyinyi mlianza mapema sana,' acknowledging the efforts his peers have put in place to ensure they stand among the chosen few. I was not among the chosen few. It took me fifteen years to break my virginity, and all the four years before that, in my head there was only space for two words; sex and when?And living in that rural side of Ndhiwa, any time I walked next to the bushes, motivation doubled; Blue Grama Grass. It is not just the place you suspect you might have your first, it also does not escape your mind that many kids have been sired in these grasses. Anyway, grass was not far from what I was used to back at home, a mat was my bed. When you sleep on a mat for all your zero to teenage years, your back and …

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