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“Weka handbrake”you fumble and step on the brake paddle.“Handbrake surely Nani… wewe handbrake yako iko kwa mguu?”“Oh! Pole”“Weka handbrake!”if only you could drive with your mouth… anyway, you find the handbrake, it’s on your left, you pull it. “Aya weka Gear 1”A beginner you are, you remove your eyes from the road and stare at the long gear stick with wide eyes like you are studying the map of India. It’s not one of those short fancy gears stick you see on saloon cars, this one is some long fimbo ya nyayo carved in Japan, with some rubber at the tip with engravings of R-1-2-N-3-N-4-5-6.Your first day for practical driving lessons are always full of anxiety, you just want to jump into the driver’s seat and move that thing, if you can of course, but you can’t. The instructor is more concerned about teaching you parts of the vehicle dashboard. All you can hear is a buzz, like a bee singing on your ears; Voltmeter, speedometer, Fuel gauge, tachometer, odometer, warning lights, these exp…

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